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Form Finding And Roof Shape Design

We design roof form that will best fit your requirement and budget


Steel Fabrication

All steel parts are fabricated indoor with high standard. All gusset plates are cut with laser and weld with CO2 welding M/C.

Surface will be sand blasted and galvanized before painting with PU based paint.


Membrane Fabrication PVC And PTFE

Pattern cutting, seam welding with experience workers


High Precision Assemble Drawings

No matter how complex the structure is. We made all steel parts to be assemble on site with nut and bolts.


3D Visualization For Approval

You can actually see it real before it is built. (Left our 3D and right after construction)


Structural Analysis And Cost Estimation

Membrane analysis, cable analysis, reaction forces and calculation report. Every roof we quote is 100% constructable.


Installation Works

We have our own highly trained fabric and steel workers.

Building With Fabric
Building with fabric enables the creation of structures with stunning architectural profiles. In addition to providing “freedom through form,” architectural membranes boast unique light transmitting properties that enable an open airy feeling of outdoor ambiance indoors, filling commercial developments, large sporting complexes and industrial facilities with diffused natural daylight. When lit at night, architectural membranes form distinctive and dramatic illuminated structures that enhance the interior and exterior aesthetics.